Unforeseen Development! Supplication slapped down as impotence! [Updated]

The RahbarSo, President Obama went on YouTube and delivered a message to the leadership of Iran of how he wanted to get together and rap about all the false consciousness that’s harshing our bilateral mellow.

Which, of course, led to Iran’s strewing the streets of Tehran, Tabriz, and Isfahan with roses, and welcoming the new era of good news by dismantling their nuclear arsenal, signing non-aggression pacts with Iraq and Afghanistan, and emptying Evin Prison of political prisoners and compensating them and their families for their torture and unjust incarceration.


No, no, no, of course as you Gormogonical fellow travellers foresaw, their answer was “Marg bar Amrîkâ! Marg bar Amrîkâ! Marg bar Amrîkâ!” That’s right, they repudiated us in public, theatrical fashion and issued a series of demands.

Man, if only there had been some precedent that would have allowed them to foresee this eventuality.

Well, maybe we could meet some of the demands they made, as a sign of good faith. That would make them trust us! And then we’d have a productive process!

Gormogon homey Steve Hayes lays down some righteous funk here.

Update: Michael Yon sees it the same way.