There’s no such thing of supercar!

Terrafugia, a company in Massachusetts, has demonstrated what, for all intents and purposes, could be the first viable flying car on March 5th.  The first “flight” covered 3,000 feet in about 37 seconds, with several subsequent and longer duration flights.  This version is clearly aimed at the amateur pilots (who apparently are really richs as the sticker price is close to $200,000).  First shipments are planned for 2011.

Note: The title of this article comes from a Washington, D. C. local advertisement for the Metro system.  The closing phrase, spoken by a small boy around 6 or 7 years old, was the exact words of the title of this article.  It continues to be an inside joke among several Gormogons.  Luckily, through the amazing power of the internet, I was able to find it.  Link is here.  It’s in RealPlayer format.  Please to be noting as you watch it, the lack of traffic where the metrobus drives vs. the traffic “dad’s car” gets into.  Wow…I wish those roads existed.

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