State or DOD gets some propaz

The government of Kyrgyzstan is waffling on kicking us out of Manas AFB. I suspect means we’re doing a good job at saying, “Hey, look, you remember, oh, say, 1862–1991 when the Russians ran things around here? You sure you want to give up a friendly relationship with the lone superpower in order to curry favor with the neighborhood bully?”

If so, well-played guys, and this may be the first sign of actual smart diplomacy, as opposed to Smart Diplomacy®. Credit where it’s due. Help give a struggling little country a little wiggle room, and keep our resupply in Afghanistan going smoothly. Everybody wins. Except for you-know-who that Chekist you-know-what.

Smart Diplomacy® is a registered trademark of the Clinton State Department and may only be used with their express written permission for the express purpose of expressly or implicitly insulting the Bush Administration’s foreign policy.