Guns and Drugs and Money

POTUS Obama has reacted to the wild uptick in Mexican violence, in which over 7,000 people have been killed, by apparently taking responsibility for it.

“The drugs are coming north; we’re sending funds and guns south—and as a consequence, these cartels have gained extraordinary power.”

The Czar must stop and ask what?

Let us review. Are “the drugs” coming North? To this Czar, who hopes he knows less than Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske, the drugs are indeed coming from the North. They are also coming in from the Far East, the Far West, and are even coming in—often via website”from Canada.

But overall, drug use is on the decline. So says even the United Nations, the Democratic Party’s foreign policy lord and master. Although, the UN adds, prescription drugs (there’s that Canadian website thing) are on the rise. We hope the President does not think that the wave of violence in Mexico is over oxycontin.

No, Mr. President, some drugs are coming North, but the market share is no longer there. And that is the source of the violence. Customers are getting very scarce for two shocking reasons: demand is considerably down, particularly for products from below the Rio Grande. Meth is so much easier to produce in the neighborhood, and you can even use your AeroGarden to grow all the weed you like. Just like how the 1990s French wine industry took one in the crotch when Americans discovered how good California wines are.

The other shocking reason is that, with a confessed drug user as POTUS, the American drug culture is getting wildly excited over the prospect of legalized drugs. Never mind the lack of logic for such a conclusion: most of this culture never specialized in common sense. But with the strong rumor that legalized drugs are on the horizon, the cartels down South are growing desperate to solidify, secure, and achieve market dominance. With no bailout money coming their way, they have to eliminate the competition. Google mexican drug violence and click on images to see some examples of how they do it there. Note to the squeamish: do not take the Czar’s advice this time.

But are we sending the funds South? The DoJ disagrees; their conclusion, based on evidence, is that the Mexican cartels are sending American dollars to Mexico. So what is this “we” business? If the actions of foreign agents do not consitute inclusion as legal acts of citizenship, the Czar suggests use of a different pronoun in future.

What about the guns? Are we sending the guns South? This depends on whom you consult. On the one hand, there is this golden comment:

With the purchase of firearms difficult in Mexico, authorities conclude that most of the weapons came from the US.

The purchase of Ferraris is difficult in Mexico; that does not mean they must come from the US. The comment is being widely repeated and circulated by nearly all the news agencies. But which authorities? Turns out, Mexican authorities. Are they right?

Certainly, a lot of guns used in Mexican crimes are American, no question about it. But the latest rage in Mexican drug shootings is the 5.7 x 28mm cartridge—which is used by Fabrique National weaponry, not American weaponry. A correspondent of the Czar who is quite familiar with the border situation indicates that much of the cartel weaponry confiscated by American and Mexican authorities is actually from Russia, China, and Pakistan. Indeed, many of the American weapons are actually Chinese Norinco clones. Who sends Chinese clone rifles up to Mexico? Well, Paraguay, for one. Take a look at the photo on the preceding link, and ask yourself if that looks like an American weapon. It sure would to the authorities.

So why blame us for sending guns to Mexico, when we may be less guilty than anyone?

The Czar is aware that POTUS Obama has never personally agreed to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution of the United States of America’s Second Amendment, and despite the distraction of other major crises, has not forgotten about his claims to promote significant gun control in America.

Mr. Obama may wish to consider another country’s rigid anti-gun laws as a model—the Czar suggest he look at Mexico as an example of strict gun control in action.

The truth is that only the Mexican government (motto: Quizás lo haremos más tarde) can stop this violence, should they bother. Other than try to protect American citizens at home and warn those abroad, there is little we can do that will prove successful. And we stand no chance of success in that arena if we continue to blame the wrong reasons.

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