Don’t Jesus Up My Science, Texas

Darwin's Revenge
Hey, you got your Jesus in my science! No, you got your science in my Jesus! Two great things that don’t go great together. Necessarily.

Texas is the current battleground for the bogus “creationism is science” debate. Texas is refusing to accredit a fundamentalist institution that wants to issue a master’s degree in creationism. A Texas legislator has introduced legislation that will prevent Texas from regulating higher education degrees in order to permit this institution to issue its bogus degree.

There is no debate. Creationism is not science. Creationism is faith. Science is a discipline in which reason and verifiable data rule. Faith is a belief system that requires us to suspend reason at times.

Examples. Science states that no matter how much a Catholic priest blesses the bread and wine offered at Mass, it does not become the literal body and blood of Christ. Faith holds that, despite all evidence to the contrary, when a Catholic priest blesses bread and wine at Mass, it does in fact become the body and blood of Christ. Irreconcilable results, one supported by reason, the other by faith.

Science shows that evolution is verifiable based on data and reason. Science shows that creationism is falsifiable based on data and reason.

Creationism is supported only as a belief, and that’s fine for its adherents. But it is not science, and the debate over it must not be permitted to blur the distinction between faith and reason.

Heck, even the hidebound Catholic Church holds that the theory of evolution is compatible with the notion that God created the heavens and the earth.

‘Puter’s going to Mass with his Darwin/Jesus Fish proudly displayed on his 1972 puke green Dodge Swinger, and if the fundamentalists don’t like it, they can take their benighted rear ends out back and pound sand.

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