McCain Campaign Suicide Watch

So, Republicans, you were all happy-clappy that John McCain seemed to have lost the self-destructive instinct that caused him to, say, rip into a major segment of the GOP base in the 2000 South Carolina primary. Guess what? His love for senatorial cluster-, um… loving, huge stupid governmental solutions to problems, and foolish conflation of honor and his distaste for speaking hard truths about his fellow pols, have put a noose around his neck. And now he’s kicking at the stool.

Wonder why Palin didn’t rip into Biden on the Democrats’ instrumentality in the Fannie Mae/mortgage crisis? She was following the campaign’s strategy. Either McCain decided that his utter ignorance of and distaste for economics must be imposed on his campaign, or he’s just been so discombobulated by the whole thing that he’s trying to close his eyes and make it go away so he can move on to something else. What else, you ask? I’ve got no idea. And I’m not sure they do either.

So all of you who thought he actually wanted to win? You may need to rethink that.

We shall see.

UPDATE: Other people are catching on.

Via Mary Katherine Ham.

And, yeah, I know McCain attempted suicide in prison in Vietnam after signing a false confession. I’m not mocking that, but pointing out the apparent political deathwish either on the part of him or his campaign.