Now that’s what I’m talking about.

Moving ahead with Eastern European missile defense. God love the Czechs. Thank you. Or as I hear you say, “Moje vznášedlo je plné úhořů.”*

By the way, Russian objections to NATO expansion and deepening on its borders—like the Polish-Czech missile defense plans—are not (always) cynical. Sincere Russian fears of encirclement and invasion run deep, hearkening back at least to the Mongol Irruption of the 1200s. That said, the Russians also have some of the world’s best military intelligence (bat logo, back again!), and can see from the relatively feeble array of NATO forces arrayed “against” them that NATO isn’t actually capable of invading Mother Russia—much less inclined to. Sincere the objections may be, reasonable they are not.

*”My hovercraft is full of eels.” Via John McCormack.