More anthrax.

Interesting op-ed in the WSJ today from a former UNSCOM bio-weapons guy arguing essentially that the anthrax in the attacks was weaponized in such a sophisticated fashion it’s unlikely Ivins—or any individual—could have produced it. Which leaves state sponsorship (or sub-state, if al-Qâ’ida or the like was willing to spend millions on research and equipment). I know Iraq was looked at pretty hard in this context, but if there was this kind of innovative weaponization involved, the obvious culprit is the Russians, or perhaps the Chinese. But talk about motive-less crimes. Perhaps (the fairly obvious step of) closely looking at individuals formerly associated the downsized Soviet lab Biopreparat—which was the world’s most sophisticated producer of weaponized anthrax, if I’m remembering right—will reveal that someone walked out with a baggie of death dust. (And yeah, the Volgi knows there are conspiracy theories revolving around Qanatjan Älibekov/Ken Alibek’s involvement. Don’t bother mailing.)