Thrice-bad Mummy?

Ok, the Œcumenical Volgi is among the world’s biggest fans of the The Mummy, Stephen Sommers’ excellently pitched action-horror-comedy. It’s feather light, immensely likable, and perfect popcorn-wolfing fun. The Volgi liked The Mummy so much that he was in the … Continue reading

So I’m clicking around that site…

…and I see this picture. Apparently it’s from the shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in that traditionally Mexican community of La Crosse, Wisconsin. It doesn’t say, and I’ll have to double-check the artist’s catalogue raisonné, but I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

Military goodness

Some fun videos from For gun dorks, the H&K 416, which looks to be an distinct improvement on the M4 (the Kalashnikov-inspired gas piston is a particularly welcome upgrade), though I still don’t know if terminal ballistics are going … Continue reading